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Scars :iconikilledfreya:Ikilledfreya 109 47
.S m i l e. by scuroluce .S m i l e. :iconscuroluce:scuroluce 77 54
We All Suffer
     I sit here, alone, shivering.  What is wrong with me?  I suffer, I suffer greatly but plaster a big smile to my face.  If I am sad, I say to them, "It's nothing, really..."  I drift off slowly and dream, my whole personality changing.  I seem to be walking into darkness, blood starting to splash everywhere.  I sit on the throne of Suffering, while the angels play, far above me.  
     I don't want them near me.  I don't want their purity to be ruined by me.  I am a broken music box, stuck in it's own tune, it's own time.  I enjoy the lonelyness.  I deserve to be alone, I belong in a mental hospital.  My world is always covered in a red, a thick red, one thicker than water.  I suffer from love of blood.  I dance with it, trying to cover my pain.  I enjoy thinking thoughts of murder, ki
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Halloween Costume... Hopefully by FallenDemonAngel Halloween Costume... Hopefully :iconfallendemonangel:FallenDemonAngel 3 19 .:Alice:. Contest 8D by FallenDemonAngel .:Alice:. Contest 8D :iconfallendemonangel:FallenDemonAngel 0 0
Chained Puppet's Innocence
     Darkness.  Eternal darkness.  Screams of pain and misery.  Blood splattered against the walls.  Gut wrenching pain and lost hope.  Disturbing monsters roaming around decrepit halls… mazes.  Souls wanting to be dispatched from their bodies so they are allowed to roam free.  This place… it's a hell… a living hell…
     I sat up in my dark room in a cold sweat, the blankets thrown around.  I was panting, trying to catch my breath.  I looked at the clock; it was 2 o'clock in the morning. "Ugh…" I moaned, plopping back down onto the pillows.  
I started at the ceiling before closing my eyes.  I've been having this nightmare so many times, for weeks on end.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a large shadow that I didn't recognized.  I lifted my head up… it was gone. 
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Chained Puppet's Innocence Ch5
Ch. 5 Welcome
I ran up the stairs all the way back up to the fourth floor.  I ran around the building for a few minutes just trying to find the office.  Tired, I finally did, pushing the door with almost the last I had.  I fell onto the floor, exhausted from running around.  As I looked around, papers were thrown around in a messy fashion for a hospital.  I sat up, what was I supposed to be looking for anyways?  A key!!  I looked around on the desks, throwing papers around, but of course, I found no key.  I screamed and fell onto my knees, "What do I do now?"  I looked at a filing cabinet.  I looked closer; the last drawer had my name on it.  I turned to it and pulled it open with sleeved hands.  Inside were a few folders.  I pulled the first one out, and looked inside.  They were just drawing… childish drawings…
But I knew them; I had dr
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Tattoo Wings :drawn: by FallenDemonAngel Tattoo Wings :drawn: :iconfallendemonangel:FallenDemonAngel 3 4
Chained Puppet's Innocence Ch4
Ch. 4 Nightmare Come True
I slowly opened my eyes, I was in the hospital.  I tried to sit up, but I realized my arms were behind me.  I looked down at myself.  Shit!  I was in the straight jacket!  I wiggled around and flipped off the bed, landing on my knees.  I was strapped with too many belts to even try to get it off.  I looked around.  The room was dirty and bloody.  I don't remember it looking like this.  Wait…. Did I do this?  I remembered just before I passed out that there was blood everywhere.  No, I couldn't have done this, could I?
I got up and went toward the door, but I was stopped short when I realized two things, 1. the door is made for hands, and mine are restrained, and 2. the jacket went down to my knees, making running a lot slower than it should be.
Mumbling underneath my breath, I somehow got my socks and shoes off and placed my
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Chained Puppet's Innocence Ch3
Ch. 3 Waking Up
I jumped up with a start in my seat.  Wait… I'm still in the car?  I looked around, it's not moving.  I turned to my Mom who had a concerned look on her face.
"You took a little nap… but I think you had a nightmare… you okay?"  
"Yea," I replied, "I'm okay…"  I shook my head and got out of the car with a heavy heart.  I took out my already off IPod and headed into the building.  We immediately went up to the fourth floor and headed into the office.  Just a few minutes after my mom and I sat down, I was called in.
I slipped into one of those stupid gowns and went into the MRI room.
"Now this scan will focus completely on your brain, so we can see if you're mentally--- I mean if there's something wrong.  I sighed, and lay down on the plastic bed of sorts.  I closed my eyes and lay completely still as the machine rolled me in to scan my brain.  
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Chained Puppet's Innocence Ch2
Ch. 2 Nightmare
Prying my blurry eyes open I saw a foggy world before me.  I sat myself up on the wreckage of scrap metal from the shredded car.  I slowly got up, almost falling back down again.  I clutched my arm and looked around.  I was bruised and probably broken, I needed help.  I kicked around the metal of the car.  What had happened?
Images flashed through my mind.  I was in the car, watching the world pass by as my mother drove.  Where were we headed?  This time, gory, gruesome images flashed through.  I was on my way to the doctors.  I was getting my brained scanned for something, to tell me if something was wrong with me… or if I was simply…  No!  I shook that thought away.
I looked around for my mom, trying to push panic away. No… nonononono!  Where the hell am I?  I looked around for anything that could help, an
:iconfallendemonangel:FallenDemonAngel 1 2
Chained Puppet's Innocence Ch1
Ch. 1 Beginning
I woke up with a start as I looked around my room, my mouth agape.  My hands slowly went up to my mouth as I saw blood flowing from the walls, over the furniture and anything else that got in the way.  Beneath the gore were my peeling red walls, crumpled up pieces of paper, and rusty hinges.  I swallowed hard as I knew it was just my head.
"Oh, you're up…" my mom said, poking her head into the blood soaked room.  I nodded and looked back to my room.  It was perfectly fine again.  I looked back at my mom as she gave me a worried look, while I smiled back at her.  Never did I want her to worry about me… or what's wrong with my head.  She smiled too,
"Well… its Friday, that's a good thing, right?"
"Yea!" I replied, getting out of bed to hug her.  As her arms wrapped around me I felt a blanket of comfort surround the two of us, and yet I felt a deep sadness burrowed insi
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Doctor Who Torchwood Icons by 3toh Doctor Who Torchwood Icons :icon3toh:3toh 321 9
T is for Toshiko, a smart little cookie,
O is for Owen who likes to have sex,
R is for Rift, Torchwood's main focus,
C is for Cardiff Torchwoods location,
H is for humerous, which is what Jack is to me,
W is for Wales where Torchwood be.
O is for odd, what Ianto is seems.
O is for nothing, just an intermission
D is for the Doctor, Jack's obsession
We are Torchwood, if its alien, its ours.
:iconaxelofreaht:AxelofReaht 299 288
Fleur D'apo by mynameishalo Fleur D'apo :iconmynameishalo:mynameishalo 7,295 661 Tired of Life by dincturk Tired of Life :icondincturk:dincturk 1,413 408


The thing I hate the most is the thing most pressed upon me. Well I don't hate christianity, it's just annoying. People preach that their god loves all. He doesn't he only loves christians. My mom wants me to be a good little christian but i want to be a Wiccan. The last time i told her that she called me Satanic and it was just dropped. It sucks. I'm a closet Wiccan but not in the c loset about being bisexual. There is something sooo wrong with that!


United States
I love to write, not very well but i like to share what is good. I draw but suck at it


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